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At 23 years of age, L3mmy Dubz has been involved in music since he was 11. Having previously played drums during his time at school, he quickly began producing underground music. At the age of 14 L3mmy Dubz started producing deep dubstep and acid house, whilst experimenting with different hardware equipment to help develop his sound. Producing dubstep for 4 years led to L3mmy gaining recognition from both dubstep artists and record labels. At the age of 16, during college, L3mmy Dubz started to try his hand at producing his own unique style of Drum and Bass. This change in direction reaped instant rewards with his debut Drum and Bass EP ‘Oblivion’ released on Gully Beats. This release led to L3mmy gaining more recognition from artists within the Drum and Bass scene and led to him playing regular shows in the north of England. At the age of 18 L3mmy Dubz was quickly picked up by Dwaal, who instantly recognised his raw talent and potential. He then signed exclusively to Dwaal’s label; Reload Records, where he released 2 E.P’s. After the success of his ‘Empire E.P’, which included the hit single ‘Jupiter’, L3mmy was picked up by the legendary DJ Blackley and signed to his Cre8DNB imprint. 2 E.P’s later and track support form the likes of Pendulum, DJ Craze, Guv and more, alongside performances at some of the biggest shows in Europe. L3mmy Dubz shows absolutely no sign of slowing down soon!