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Untapped Vol. 10

Untapped Vol. 10 is presented by Guillotine and set for release on September 28th.

Check out what Guillotine has to say in regards to the tracks he chose:

Drabby – Strange Tension:

A while back, a friend recommended I check this producer out and I wasn’t disappointed. Drabby pushes the use of orchestral elements to affect every aspect of the track, including background effects, creating a unique sound for them. As well as this, the drop is dark with creative sounds creating a solid flow, and that’s why Drabby is a newcomer who absolutely deserved a spot on this Untapped.

PARAVOID – Bitter Melody:

Bitter Melody was an obvious choice for this Untapped. I love the intro with it’s layered synths and strings creating beautiful chords, and I love the heaviness of the drop. Especially with how the basses double up with the lead that descends, it sets up a really solid hook that grabs the listener. Brilliant tune.

Tremorr – Devil Dance:

It’s energetic, fun, and super heavy! Rave vibes start off the track which I’m a huge fan of, and then suddenly the drop punches you in the face. Massive drop, awesome layering and probably the meanest track on this Untapped.


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